Robust capabilities to deliver catering services

Big Sky Mobile Catering boasts state-of-the-art equipment and robust capabilities to deliver exceptional catering services in any setting.

With four fully equipped mobile kitchen units, each capable of feeding up to 1500 people per meal, we ensure rapid mobilization and efficient food preparation even in emergency situations. Our kitchen units are equipped with multiple ovens, grills, tilt skillets, deep fryers, stove top burners, and hot food holding units, providing versatility in meal preparation.

In addition to kitchen units, we offer refrigeration trailers for storing perishable items and assembling sack lunches, ensuring food safety and freshness. Our hand washing stations, powered by generators, ensure proper hygiene standards are maintained at all times. With capabilities to provide covered, lighted, and seated dining areas for up to 200 personnel, we prioritize comfort and convenience for our clients and their crews.

Overall, our equipment and capabilities are geared towards delivering top-notch catering services, whether for emergency response operations, remote construction sites, or large-scale events, ensuring client satisfaction and crew well-being.

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